Ann is a Princess of the Akagi Castle. Her Samurai of Fate is Hachimaru.


Ann is a fair-skinned girl with short black hair. She wears a red and creme-colored miko uniform to show her status as a Princess in training. She has a matching sash that was damaged during the battle with Ata, which she keeps despite an offer to replace it.

After Hachimaru transforms Ann, she becomes an adult woman whose features change to reflect her new age, becoming noticeably taller. Her hair grows to reach her lower back along with frontal strands reaching her shoulders. To honor Hachimaru, she ties her hair back into a topknot and wears his regular katana strapped to her back. Over her original uniform, she also wears a kimono jacket with a pattern of dots running down the back.


Ann is a soft-spoken apprentice who appears to be self-conscious and insecure over her ability to succeed. She is generally very kind and eager to help and is curious about the outside world. She dreams of being a Princess protected by a strong Samurai, but the only trait she wants from her Samurai is for him to be willing listen to her. Thanks to her daily mistakes and the resulting scoldings, Ann has developed a resilience against criticism and punishment. Despite appearing timid outwardly, Ann is incredibly brave. She has a strong instinct to defend those she cares about, often throwing herself into harm's way for their sakes without regard for the danger.


Before becoming a Princess, Ann was a Nanashi, the title given to nameless orphans in the region surrounding Akagi Castle. Left alone after the loss of her beloved mother, another Nanashi looked after her and named her Ann. Despite having no blood relation, that boy became her older brother, caring for her needs as best he could. He also defended her from bullies constantly, though he was never able to defend himself very well. One day, he revealed his dream to become a rich and famous Samurai with her as his Princess. Around that time, Ann met Hagamichi and Un after after she and her brother are caught getting too close to a secured Locker Ball.

One day, Ann was injured when she stepped in to defend Nanashi while he was being attacked by bullies. Disheartened by his failure to protect her, Nanashi went to Akagi Castle with Ann in tow, and committed seppuku in front of the Locker Ball in the hopes he would become a Samurai. Sadly, the Ball did not respond to his effort, and Ann watched him die as he expressed his wish to be able to protect her. At an unspecified time after this incident, Ann was taken in by the castle's occupants and chosen to train as a Princess. However, her unorthodox approaches to her lessons, numerous mistakes, and general lack of confidence earned her an unflattering reputation. The only person who did not look down on her was her friend and fellow Princess-in-training, Yoku. One day, she used the Locker Ball she was responsible for as a weight stone for a pickling jar, only for it to be stolen later. She would later discover that her Ball was the one that turned Hachimaru into a Samurai.


Ann was an apprentice Princess originally of Akagi Castle. After a mistake on her part leads to Hachimaru's becoming her Samurai of Fate, Ann joined her partner in his journey to achieve his goals, while also striving to become a fully realized Princess herself.

Abilities and Powers

  • Sixth Sense: Ann has the unique power to sense and locate Locker Balls and Samurai using their Gravitational Pull.
  • Prayer: Ann can empower her Samurai of Fate. By praying, she can boost her Samurai's speed, strength, and the destructive power of his Samurai Soul. Even though she is a newbie princess, Ann has tremendous strength.



Hachimaru is Ann's fated Samurai. Initially, she was cold to him most of the time, but she admitted that she was only acting to hide her insecurity. After Hachimaru tried to impress her by lying about being a lively and powerful apprentice Samurai, she started to warm up to him. She was disheartened to hear when she learned the truth, but forgave him when confessed and apologized. Though Hachimaru often makes mistakes, Ann is quick to forgive and lift him up.

Despite not having known him long, Ann has become invested in bonding with him in part because of the similarities he shares with her late brother. Though she does not wish to tell her Samurai about her past, she nonetheless feels indebted to him for motivating her to hold onto the memories of her brother.


As with most Samurai besides Hachimaru, Ann's relationship with Daruma is professional. As a master Samurai, Ann respects him, and he in return treats her with compassion and respect due a young Princess.


Hagamichi is an officer working for Akagi Castle who was assigned to escort Ann to meet her chosen Samurai. They appear to have a respectful, professional relationship as a bodyguard and princess.


Yoku is one of the few people in Akagi Castle who consider Ann a friend. Unlike their peers, Yoku does not look down on her despite her numerous mistakes.


Ann deeply loved the Nanashi that took care of her during her youth. Though they weren't related, Ann considered him an older brother. While Nanashi couldn't provide much, she appreciated his efforts, and was interested in being around him as much as possible. She also had an instinct to protect him, and was willing to defend him without regard for her safety, even though his greatest wish was to protect her from harm. His death left Ann heavily traumatized, and she spent years attempting to repress that pain by trying to forget about him.


  • Ann's name has two interpretations with the same meaning. "A" and "N" the first and last letters of her name, are also the first and last letters of the Japanese alphabet, being a symbol of the beginning and end. A-un, the pronunciation of her name is the transliteration of Devanagari syllables "a" and "hūṃ" which symbolically means the beginning and ending of all things or "Alpha and Omega."[1]


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