Ata is a samurai who is searching for Hachimaru, whose life is an impediment to the plans of the Ususama School. He was formerly Daruma's top disciple, as well as a member of the Kongo-Yasha School.


Ata is a dark-skinned adult man with white hair and two broken horns on his head. He has one dead eye, and wears a mask that conceals his mouth and chin. His attire consists of a sleeveless purple vest resembling a haori tied together by an armor plate covering his chest, along with dark baggy pants and sandals. He also carries four average katanas on his person.


Ata is a bloodthirsty and selfish samurai who abandoned his princess and betrayed Daruma. He seeks nothing but destruction and is focused on his mission. Ata is ruthless enough to wipe out planets without a second thought, and also extremely cunning. He is incredibly confident in his skills, and is willing to fight anyone. Even superior numbers do not scare him, but he is smart enough to know when an enemy is stronger than him. Despite being skilled and intelligent, Ata has proven to be impatient and overconfident, traits that sometimes must be reigned in by Niri.

Despite his destructive tendencies, he does have a sense of honor. He politely greets Daruma upon reuniting, and respectfully bows and asks for forgiveness over abandoning his responsibilities. Additionally, he believes that, above all else, a samurai should be courageous and strong, and he looks down at those who do not, deeming them samurai only in appearance but not in spirit, but he can still catch when an opponent is improving. Above all, Ata's loyalty to Kala is what drives his actions. He follows whatever orders Kala gives to the point that he would slay his subordinates without hesitation.[1]


Ata was once a student of Daruma, but betrayed him and the faction he serves for "selfish reasons" and became Kala's right-hand man.[2]


Ata creating a clone

ATA forming his incarnate body using his samurai soul.

When Niri found the location of the eighth child, she relayed it to Ata.[3] To capture him, he used one of his Samurai Souls to create a copy that is dispatched to the coordinates supplied by Niri.[4] As the duplicate Ata was flying towards his destination, he passed some meteorite clouds, slashing them with ease for a shortcut.[5] Reaching Hachimaru's home planet, Ata crashed through the planet's moon, deciding to use it to aid in the elimination of the planet.[6]

Daruma stopping Ata's attack

Daruma and Ata clash.

Immediately after that, Ata was confronted by Karuraten, the Garuda Holder of Mujin, the protector of the planet. Ata quickly recognized Mujin and engaged him in battle. The fight went in his favor; Ata killed all the Samurai who were on Karuraten, Mujin's Princess, finished off Mujin. After destroying Mujin's Locker Ball, he went back to going after Hachimaru.[7] Upon locating Hachimaru himself, he launched an attack that was intercepted by Daruma, who was immobilized by the attack and greeted Dr. Furuta, asking him about Hachikaku.[8] After Daruma explained who Ata was, he realized he was in the presence of his old master and expressed respect towards him. In that moment before taking the Bloodsucker Samurai Soul from his master, claiming it belonged to Ususama school. Ata then bowed down and apologized for an incident involving Princess Baku, which brought painful memories to Daruma.

When Hachimaru spoke casually to Daruma, he got angry and scolded him for talking to his teacher that way, then recognized his target by his resemblance to the "the Seven".[9] As Ata was heading towards Hachimaru, he scolds him for having lofty dreams while still being weak, he effortlessly stops an attack from Hagamichi and turns his attention to Furuta. When Ata struck with his blade, Furuta activated his secret weapon, which Ata recognizes as an unfinished device meant to destroy Samurai Souls. The device stopped his attack, Ata was partially consumed by it before it gave out.[10] He recovers and attempts to defeat and retrieve Hachimaru. Hachimaru, however, eventually finds his resolve and fights back long enough for Daruma to recover and counterattack.[11] Ata is quickly pushed back, then defeated by Daruma's star-destroying move, Kongo-Yasha Style: Atmos Fangs.

Before Ata's Soul dissipates, it forms a monitor that the real Ata uses to communicate with everyone present. He states his intention of retrieving Hachimaru personally the next time they meet. He then reveals that Hachimaru has siblings and lets one of them explain the rest Once the explanations are over, Ata bids farewell and mention a parting gift left behind. Later, Ata informs Niri about Daruma's interference, while using Ikkaku to track Hachimaru's gravity. He interrupted by a message from his master, Kala. After being ordered to go after Hachimaru, he mobilizes his Holder for their journey.

Abilities and Powers

Ata is an elite samurai, having earned the title of "Ata the Peerless." Fitting his title, he is nearly unstoppable in battle, easily defeating Mujin and all the samurai on the Karuraten without taking any noticeable damage, and it required the combined efforts of Daruma, Furuta, and Hachimaru to defeat even a replica of himself. [12] His ability was great enough that he was made Kala's right-hand man, and through this became strong enough to destroy planets himself. [13]


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General Abilities

  • Samurai Gravity: Ata has a limited degree of control over the molecules that form matter and the gravity H-Particles emit. His power to reshape matter and gravity at will allows for the use of generic samurai abilities.
    • Healing Factor: Ata's body can repair itself from any injury.
    • Holder Control: Ata is able to reshape the body of his Holder into various forms.
    • Gravitational Pull: Like all samurai, Ata has a gravity that can inadvertently draw other samurai keys to him. This can also works in reverse, leading him to other samurai.

Samurai Key

  • Key Licenses
    • Kongo-Yasha School
    • Ususama School

Samurai Soul

Ata has 5 Samurai Souls: one inside his body and 4 floating around him. He used one of these souls around him to create an Incarnate Body, but later replaced it.

  • Takatsuna' Samurai Soul: In the battle against Hachimaru, Ata took possession of the Bloodsucker Samurai Soul, but Daruma reclaimed it after his defeat.
  • Kala's Samurai Soul: Ata carries a piece of Kala's Samurai Soul inside of his mouth. By opening his mouth and connecting the shard to a Handle Bone, Ata can create a pitch-black dagger that, when an attack of any kind connects, kills any Samurai even if they have not been forsaken by Fudo Myo-o.


Currently, Ata has an active Trinity.

  • Key Holder
  • Princess
    • Niri - Niri is the new Ata's princess when he joined the Ususama School.


  • Samurai Soul Blade: A samurai soul can be fused with a Handle Bone from a Holder turning into an energy blade stronger than any metal blade.
    • Ata' Samurai Soul Blade: Using the handle bone stored in his right arm and his own samurai soul.
    • Takatsuna' Samurai Soul Blade: Using the handle bone stored in his left arm and the Takatsuna' samurai soul.
    • Kala' Samurai Soul Blade: using the handle bone and the Kala' Samurai Soul to create a black blade able to discorporated the foe.
  • Katana: Ata carries four katanas as secondary/support weapons.





Daruma was Ata's former teacher. Ata still deeply respects Daruma and tries to beg for forgiveness and understanding of his actions, going so far as to bow before him. Daruma, however, finds Ata highly unforgivable and has nothing but anger to give in return.

Ata recognizes Daruma as a major threat to his plans and immediately renders Daruma temporarily unable to battle when he confronts him and Hachimaru. Ata apparently underestimated Daruma's willingness to fight him, as he was shocked to see Daruma use the Star Crusher.


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As an unplanned eighth artificial Samurai, Hachimaru - referred to as Hachikaku by Ata and his faction - weakens the effectiveness of the seven intended artificial samurai of the Spare Key Project This puts Hachimaru at odds with Ata's faction, who need to retrieve Hachimaru's key to advance their plans. Upon Hachimaru's activation of his powers, he is immediately detected and Ata travels to retrieve him.

Ata holds Hachimaru in disdain. He does not find Hachimaru worthy of being a samurai, thinking he lacks strength and courage. Rather, he views Hachimaru as a boy in love with the status and privilege that comes with being a samurai. He has no issue with the need to destroy Hachimaru to achieve his goals.


  • Ata name can be based in Āṭavaka(Sanskrit; Pali: Ālavaka), a popular figure in Buddhism. He is a Yakṣa (Yasha) and regarded as a Wisdom King in esoteric tradition.
  • Āṭavaka in Japan is know by the follow names:
    • Daigensui Myō-ō ( (だい) (げん) (すい) (みょう) (おう) lit.Wisdom King Commander-in-chief?)
    • Muhiriki Yasha ( () () (りき) () (しゃ) lit. Yasha the Peerless Strength?)
    • Atabaka ( () () () () ?)
    • Kōya Kishin Taishō ( (こう) () () (しん) (たい) (しょう) lit. The General Fierce God of the Wilderness?)
  • Ata alias: Ata the Peerless Strength is based in one of Āṭavaka japanese names: Yasha the Peerless Strength.


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