Chapter 13 is titled "I Saw a Hero".

Short Summary

Hachimaru takes up the fight against Ata. Despite the difference in skill, he stalls long enough for Daruma to recover and dispatch his former student. While the group tries to save Hachimaru's dad, Ata uses his samurai soul to reach out, and reveal the truth regarding Hachimaru.

Long Summary

Hachimaru's charge against Ata stops him in his tracks momentarily. Though impressed by his bravery, Ata is not intimidated due to his opponent's lack of skill, so he prepares an Ususama Style attack to dispatch everyone. Before he can, Hachimaru calls out to Hayataro, who molds the armor left on his master's body into a replacement arm with a flight booster attached. Using the thrust from the booster, Hachimaru adds enough power to his swing to push Ata back.

Ata realizes that Hachimaru's adaptability and coordination with his holder are above average, a similarity to "seven brothers" he didn't expect to see. However, he tells his quarry that his existence is superfluous and charges again, only to be intercepted by a fully recovered Daruma. After praising Hachimaru for holding out, and informing Ann that Hachimaru will not die from his injuries, he focuses on Ata. Hagamichi, who has recovered from his injuries, promises to tend to Furuta while Daruma fights. As he confronts his old student, he praises Hachimaru again, this time for finding the hero that he saw in him.

Ata claims that his master has gotten soft, as he was much harder on his past students. Daruma responds that Ata is no longer a student to him, then docks his Samurai Soul and Handlebone and picks up a toothpick from the box of sweets Hachmaru had earlier. Ata is insulted at the sight, only to be blasted into the air by Daruma's Kongo-Yasha Style: Dog Paddle. He follows up with another Kongo-Yasha attack, molding the air around his toothpick into the hape of a dog head. Despite the size of the attack, the sight of the move terrifies Ata, who is shocked that his master would use a star-destroying move while planetside. However, Daruma isn't aiming at the planet, he only has to focus it on him. Unleashing Kongo-Yasha Style: Atmos Fangs, the dog-head enlarges and bears down on Ata with such force that the planet's atmosphere warps into a tornado that obliterates him and carves a canyon-sized trench into the planet. Caught in the shockwave along with Hachimaru, Ann, and Hayataro, Hagamichi recognizes the technique he witnessed.

As the winds return to normal, Daruma descends, proclaiming victory. However, Hachimaru is shocked to see Daruma now resembles a wet cat, and he explains that using Atmos Fangs changes his appearance. Attention then returns to Furuta, and Hachimaru wants to know his chances. Hagamichi explains that his holder is keeping him a live with a healing machine powered by his Samurai Soul. However, some of his internal organs are missing, and the machine embedded in his chest is also missing parts, meaning he will likely die. Hachimaru offers his own Soul to boost the machine, but is told more power won't help. Daruma theorizes that Furuta planned to sacrifice himself to defeat Ata, and that he placed the device in his chest protect Hachimaru as long as he was nearby. That was why he was opposed Hachimaru leaving so strongly.

The group is then shocked to hear Ata talking about Furuta, the head of a project established by the Ususuma. Daruma asks about the "Spare Key Project," and Ata reveals that is was a plan to create keys to open the boxes. Hachimaru is confused that Ata is alive, and Hagamichi reveals that what they fought was a duplicate created from the energy of his Samurai Soul. The energy has now been turned into a screen for the real Ata to communicate with. Ata declares his intent to come after Hachimaru personally now, and introduces the group to a few people before parting. Hachimaru and Ann are shocked to see seven black-haired versions of Hachimaru himself, one of whom calls him their brother.

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