Chapter 14 is titled "Father's Secret".

Short Summary

In the aftermath of the battle with Ata's duplicate, the Kongo-Yasha group is rewarded for their victory with the truth of Hachimaru's origin and the Ususama School's end goal. Also, Furuta faces the consequences of his stand against Ata, and encourages Hachimaru to go and save the galaxy.

Long Summary

Hachimaru is introduced to his seven identical siblings, and the first one - Ikkaku - reveals that Furuta is not their biological father: he is merely the scientist who created them. He explains that the seven of them were created to serve as Samurai Keys who could open a certain box. However, Hachimaru's accidental creation disrupted the balance of power between the brothers, making them unable to be proper keys. To become true keys, they must reclaim Hachimaru's power by killing him. Daruma fears that they have accessed Pandora's Box, but Ata clarifies: their plan is to open both Pandora's Box and its counterpart, Mandala's Box, in order to attain godhood. Daruma scolds his former student, who vows to take everything from his master when they next meet. As he cuts his feed, he mentions a "present" left behind for him.

While Daruma ponders Ata's words, Furuta regains consciousness. Hachimaru asks Hagamichi to fly his dad back to his house, hoping to use his old life support device to save him. He then asks Ann to endure her fear of high-speed flight for the journey, and she agrees. Before they can move, it begins to rain, making conditions too bad to move Furuta. Hachimaru suggests finding a medical facility nearby, but Furuta reveals the one flaw in the device he used against Ata: he cannot live after its activation. He goes on to confirm everything the Ucchusma group said. He also mentions that he tried to kill Hachimaru as a baby. He wanted to keep the siblings from having the power to open the boxes, but when he tried, he was moved by that baby's will to live, and instead fled his masters along with him.

Furuta laments his efforts to raise and protect his son failing, but Hachimaru tries to correct him. He then apologizes for lying, and says that he now understands that Hachimaru is strong. Instead of needing protecting as he believed, he now understands that he was always strong, and has what it takes to be samurai that can protect others. Hachimaru apologizes for all the grief he gave him, but Furuta tells him that those very qualities allowed him to enjoy his life, and the he was happy to have him as a son. With his last moments, he challenges Hachimaru to look out for Ann and protect the galaxy from Ata. Hachimaru agrees to try, and Furuta says that it is time for him to go, passing away as Hachimaru and company mourn.

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