Chapter 15 is titled "Hachimaru's Calling".

Short Summary

After Furuta is laid to rest, Hachimaru prepares to leave his homeworld with Daruma and Ann. His master also reveals more of the story of Ata, the Ususama school, the two boxes of Fudo Myo-o, and his part in it all. With better understanding, Hachimaru prepares for his true journey to begin. Before it can, though, Daruma must save the planet from the fallout of Ata's incursion.

Long Summary

Outside his house, Hachimaru talks with Daruma beside his father's grave. Hachimaru asks to be told more about Ata. Daruma agrees to tell him, after explaining the condition of the galaxy. Though it will take time, Hachimaru is willing to listen if it will equip him to avenge his father. After exposing their keys, Daruma connects them to provide visual aid to his story, pulling Hachimaru into his consciousness. He starts by telling the story of a samurai who served directly under Fudo Myo-o, named Kala. Kala chose to forsake all other schools of samurai fighting, and founded the Ususama Style as its first master. A samurai powerful enough to wipe out stars, Kala continues his work of destroying planets.

Samurai of the Kongo-Yasha Style are dedicated to stopping Kala, and Daruma's master has spent centuries keeping Kala at bay. Somewhere down the line, Ata betrayed the Kongo-Yasha nad chose to become Kala's right hand man instead. Hachimaru asks why Ata switched sides, and Daruma explains that at the core of it all, Ata's lust for power drove him. Since the Ususama made him even more powerful than he already was, he devoted himself to destroying the galaxy. To stop him, Daruma was sent by his master to find Pandora's Box and the seven keys to open it. The Ususuma already have Mandala's Box, and Kala now needs the seven keys to open it and finish his work.

Daruma then gets to Hachimaru's part of this story. Kala's attempt to create artificial keys to open Mandala's Box failed thanks to Hachimaru's existence, and Furuta kept it that way by absconding with him. This causes Hachimaru to realize that he is the key to either protecting or destroying the galaxy. He then asks if Daruma knew he was the key when they met. He reveals that his master told him that his blindness and being caught in his cat body. Though he cannot see, he gets flashes where he can see everything. When Hachimaru became a samurai, he had one moment of insight. During that instance, he saw a proud samurai alongside his princess, armed with a white Samurai Soul sword, and sensed that he was one of the keys. Daruma then explains that every samurai has a calling, a role they play in the grand scheme. Though he has not seen Hachimaru's calling, he knows his purpose is to find Pandora's box and the keys, and he is moved by his master's faith in him.

While they talk, Hagamichi and Ann are talking with Princess Un, who is apprehensive about Ann's intent to leave the planet, especially since the planet's protector is dead. Hagamichi counters that Hachimaru's presence is likely to attract more enemies, arguing that it's safer for him to be mobile. Though unhappy about Ann leaving, Un admonishes Ann to cherish her samurai, and she promises to do so. When Hachimaru finishes packing his belongings, he is met by Ann, who asks to accompany him. Thinking about how he lied to Ann about his childhood, and the time he had with his dad, he realizes that he enjoyed that time as well. He admits his weakness to her, but vows to whatever he can to protect him. Accepting his vow, she admonishes him to listen to others, and keep watch over her as long as he can. As Hagamichi parts with Hachimaru and company, Hachimaru stalls their departure to speak at his dad's grave. He promises not to return until his mission is complete. He now believes he can lead a good life since he has things to protect, and makes one last promise to protect Ann and the galaxy. In doing so, he declares his intent be a good son, making that his samurai calling.

On his way back to Akagi Castle, Hagamichi is informed that Muun, the satellite split in half by Ata earlier, is on a collision course with the planet. Though all of the castles on the planet are coordinating, there is not enough time to think of a plan. He realizes that Daruma's presence is not merely coincidence, and contacts him for aid. He calmly realizes that Muun is the gift Ata mentioned, and Hachimaru is disturbed by his calmness. Daruma decides to address the problem by showing Hachimaru his strongest technique, and declares that saving the planet will be his student's first step toward saving the galaxy. He then summons his hideout - which was actually a giant turtle holder - from the ground and orders everyone on board.

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