Chapter 2 is titled "Visitor From the Sky".

Short Summary

Hachimaru takes advantage of the range of things he was unable to do before receiving his Samurai body. Deciding to go see the outside world with Hayataro, his first outing unexpectedly leads him to a stranger he is familiar with. Deciding to make the stranger his first real-life friend, he resolves to help him overcome his aversion to going outside. Unknown to him, Hachimaru has landed himself on a collision course with a band of marauders.

Long Summary

The day after becoming a samurai, Hachimaru relishes being able to eat and sleep normally for the first time in his life. After eating, Hayataro asks to be walked, something Hachimaru could never do before. Before leaving, he loans Daruma a model katana to use a walking stick, but the master insists he take a sword with him. Hachimaru is skeptical that his model katana would be useful, but Daruma reminds him that he has to actually use a blade to know what it can do. Meanwhile, a three brothers riding in a cake-shaped tank rampage across the land.

Hachimaru rides around his on his holder, and Hayataro shows off his ability to fly, allowing his master to get a bird's eye view of the outside world. He enjoys the view, until he is shot down by a stray round fired from the cake-tank. Meanwhile, in a Samurai Dojo, a boy is playing a video game while the AI's in his cybernetic hands argue. The argument is interrupted by Hachimaru crashing through his roof, scaring the boy. He apologizes for crashing into his home then tries to leave, until he is told where exactly he's landed; a training dojo for members of Akagi Castle's bushi legion.

Hachimaru tells the boy his name, but he is so afraid to divulge his own name that his hands speaks for him. The hands explain that he wants to be a samurai, but is unmotivated. They also say that he's lived in the dojo for as long as he can remember, with no memories of anything before. The boy asks to be called "Nanashi" - which means "nameless."

Nanashi explains that he's a shut-in; he has food delivered by a holder, Hachimaru is the first person he's met in eight years, and he spends his days playing samurai video games. Hachimaru suggests they play a game, but Nanashi believes the game would be unfair since he's the second-best player on the planet since he has no friends or anything else to do. Hachimaru tries to empathize with him, but Nanashi snaps at him, not believing a samurai can understand what he feels.

Motivated to help, Hashimaru challenges Nanashi to a game; lose and he must go outside. Not expecting a challenge, Nanashi agrees and loses, realizing that his suspicion was right; Hachimaru is the only player on the planet better than him. He gets sad, as he expected the No.1 player to be more like him. Hachimaru explains his background as they walk outside, and explains that meeting him was the one good thing that happened to him on his first day seeing the world. As Nanashi takes his first step outside, Hayataro finds them. At the same time, the trio riding the cake-tank drive towards the town surrounding Akagi Castle. The eldest brother reveals that the rampage was to lure the samurai in the region away from the dojo so they could loot it. He expects to have no real opposition, since the dojo is full of low-tier warriors.

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