Chapter 31 is titled "This Wasn't the Deal!".

Short Summary

As Benkei deadline to firing an Angular Warhead draws close, the Samurai teams commanded by Sen are able to blow through his ship's defenses and close in on him. The team reaches him, but Benkei's last ditch effort to stop them bears fruit. The situation forces Sanda to make an important choice: help his new allies or stand with the one who killed his parents.

Long Summary

Benkie, now fused together with his Holder to compensate for the damage done by Daruma, he responds to the intruder alert. He orders his ship's AI to dispatch Holders, use all resources to block any paths to his position, and open the port for launching Angular Warheads. On the ship's exterior, Hachimaru and Team Beta see Yoken approaching the satellite ship, possibly trying to stay near a sleeping Ann reminds everyone that they need to stop Benkei, or else their ship will be destroyed along with everything else. Beta prepares to move out, but they're rocked when the ship suddenly starts shaking. Sanda tells everyone that he is preparing to launch the Angular Warhead. Sen calls for everyone to move quickly, but he and his Princess spot a unit of security Holders arriving to meet them. Unwilling to waste time, Sen pulls his armor from his Holder and tears through them, calling everyone to follow.

On Kenka, A Samurai and his princess are cornered by a gang of Benkei's allies. The lone warrior is confused at why they're still fighting with the battle royale over. One of the gangsters explains that the battle royale was a ruse: Benkei was gauging their strength to find good Keys to steal, and their standing was high enough for them to sell his Key to their master. Another Samurai then notices something above, and the lead gangster sees the Angular Warhead Port opening. He becomes angered that Benkei is violating their deal by destroying them along with the planet.

Meanwhile, Alpha Team continues tearing through the security Holders, and Sen hacks an Isolation Wall to allow Beta Team to advance. Hachimaru is impressed that Sen was able to pull that off, and he responds that their smooth progress is thanks to Daruma. On the comms, Sen tells bothe teams that he's unlocked every Isolation wall and mapped the fastest route to the ship's cockpit. Benkei notices the disturbance, and the AI confirms that the intruders hacked the Isolation Walls and are on the fastest path to him. He then realizes that Daruma managed to learn about the ship's weaknesses when he hacked his Key, meaning his enemies know about the ANgular Warhead. He has the AI give him an update on the Warhead's progress, and it tell him he seven minutes to go before firing. Pulling up monitors to watch the teams' progress, he realizes how much the group really knows when he spots Sanda among the enemy. Deciding to get serious, Benkei orders the ship to connect to his body so he can control it directly. As the ship connects a cable to his back, for a direct interface, he releases Yoshitsune's Samurai Soul, resolving to use his master's power to capture the enemy himself.

Beta Team and Alpha Team reunite outside of the cockpit. Ready to finish the conflict, Sen links Key's with his subordinate, seeing through their scope to spot Benkei through the walls. Sen unleashes Gundari Style: Silent Sword, firing the arm carrying his Samurai Soul off like a guided missile. Remotely controlling his arm, Sen guides it into the cockpit, piercing right through his target's neck. However, he finds that what he actually hit was a dummy Benkei manifested from his body to carry Yoshitsune's Samurai Soul. Undeterred, Sen mentally issues the command "Decapitation," willing the thrusters on his detached arm to move the Samurai Soul through the dummy to take Benkei's head off. Before if can succeed, Ben narrowly stops the Soul blade short using both his Souls.

The AI then informs Benkei that the intruders have entered his trap area. As the team advances, Benkei transforms the room the teams are in, manifesting bindings from the floor that everyone from the floor. Benkei then enters the room berating them for walking right into his trap. Sen realizes that the entire ship works like a Key Holder, which Ryu compares to what Daruma did to him before with Yoken. Benkei then addresses Sanda, asking him to pick a side. He is angered that he would ask such a thing after what he did to his parents. Benkei is unfazed by his response, and tells Sanda to try killing him if he has a problem with his actions. He then tosses Yoshitsune's Samurai Soul at him, offering to let him rejoin him if he decapitates everyone in the room: if he refuses, he will die along with them. Sanda picks up the Samurai Soul and raises it to Ryu as the AI sends out a warning: the Angular Warhead will fire in two minutes.

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  • Hanashi ga Chigau (話が違う?) means "to be different from what was previously said; to be different from what was promised".

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