Chapter 32 is titled "Time Limit".

Short Summary

Sanda decides to help save everyone from Benkei, and Ryu uses a skill he kept secret to back him up. Everyone is freed, but less than two minutes remain before Kenka is destroyed by the Angular Warhead. With no time to spare, the team throws everything they have at Benkei in hopes of stopping the ship's launch sequence.

Long Summary

As the AI controlling Yoshitsune's ship counts down to the Angular Warhead's launch, Sanda is poised to cut down Ryu with his father's Samurai Soul, and Benkei is annoyed that he is hesitating. Benkei tries goading him by reminding of his father's "worthless" bonds, and challenges him to be better. He admits that he is a scoundrel who kills Samurai for money, but before he can say anything else, Ryu breaks his restraints using blades that sprout from his body. Everyone is shocked at the development, but only Benkei and Sen catch the deeper meaning: Ryu is using Loaded Gear, the signature skill available to Samurai of the Gundari School. Hachimaru calls for Ryu to go after Benkei, but he isntead draws his Samurai Soul and aims for Sanda. Calling him Kotsuga, Ryu decides that he is a foe to be slain. Benkei decides to let Ryu make his kill, and a shocked Sanda begins thinking of when Ryu nearly killed him when they tried to rob Daruma's ship. He then submits to his fate until Ryu winks at him. Catching the meaning, he grips his father's Soul and attacks Benkei with Ryu, tearing apart the dummy he had attached to his body. Sanda declares that he is no longer Kotsuga, and will now use his true name and be a good person.

The damage to Benkei disrupts his control over his trap, freeing everyone. The Samurai then charge forward to storm the cockpit and get Yoshitsune's Key to stop the Warhead from firing. However, they only have twenty seconds to do so. As the time limit dwindles, Benkei uses Ushiwakamaru to create bindings for Sanda and Ryu. Team Alpha rushes Benkei together, but he fells them all with one swipe of his Samurai Soul. With only ten seconds left, Hachimaru attacks Benkei, and Ann prays hard enough to turn his Soul shining white once more. With his power maximized, his Soul breaks Benkei's and slices his Ox Holder in half, freeing his comrades. Ryu bolts for the console, but Benkei flings his damaged Samurai Soul at him, running him through and bringing him to the ground. Hachimaru tries following, but gets pinned down as Ushiwakamaru begins bringing his two halves together. With four seconds left, Sen links his Key to his comrade's scope to find Yoshitsune's Key, then launches his remaining hand into the cockpit room. Sen's hand manages to reaches the console, and his Princess prays to strengthen him as he reverses the thrusters on his arm in a bid to pry the Key out as the ship's AI declares that two seconds remain before launch.

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