Chapter 33 is titled "Partner".

Short Summary

At the last possible second, the team manages to shut down the Angular Warhead's firing sequence, opening the door for them to capture Benkei. The rogue tries to convince Sanda to bail him out, but he chooses to turn him over to Sen for capture. As a Galactic Ball Federation Fleet is nearing their location, Sen lands Oniwakamaru on Kenka and signals the fleet to pick up Benkei and his co-conspirators.

Long Summary

As the countdown to the launch of the Angular Warhead reaches its final second, Sen desperately tries to pull Yoshitsune's Key from the console. As the Warhead is about to leave the missile port, the miniature Hayataro grabs the Key and helps Sen pull it out, canceling the launch. Sen confirms the launch was stopped, giving everyone a reprieve to celebrate their victory. As Hachimaru secures the Key, he asks Ryu about his use of Loaded Gear, who explains that he had no idea they were there, and the stress of the moment caused them to activate. Meanwhile, Sen uses his free hand to detain Benkie.

Back on Kenka, Benkei's subordinates see the launch bay closing and rejoice at being saved. However, San informs them that he has captured Benkei and Oniwakamaru, making them sulk at realizing they're being arrested. After the message is sent out Sen prepares to use make Benkei easier to transport. Before he can, Sanda asks to be the one to imprison him, and he allows him. Taking his father's samurai Soul, he confronts Benkei about everything he did. He unapologetically replies that his timidness and reluctance to commit to a life of crime made him easy to fool, attributing it to him inheriting his mother's overwhelming goodness.

Benkei goes on to admit that he warned Sanda's mom about Yoshitsune's attempt to kill their son, and she behaved like more of a Samurai than her husband by putting her life on the line to save him. However, that goodness made her predictable and easy to trick. Sanda asks why he did this when he already had his master's favor and trust. Benkei says that he was dissatisfied with that: he envied the things Yoshitsune had that he didn't. He claims that everyone seeks perfection, and will fake perfection and hide their flaws. He claims that Yoshitsune wanted perfection from them too. Even if Sanda had become a Samurai, Yoshitsune's expectations would have destroyed him, and Benkei spared him from that. Trying to sway his former subordinate, he challenges him to remember who was really on his side. Stepping up to Benkei, he holds up a small computer and offers to help if he gives him ¥1,000,000,000. Benkei complies, but Sen notices them whispering, so Sanda draws on them.

Instead of attacking the team, he decapitates Benkei, who becomes enraged that he was conned. Sanda admits that he may be good, but he isn't perfect, and that the one thing Benkei can't hide is that he's all alone. As Sen imprisons Benkei's head in a force field, Sanda give the ¥1,000,000,000 to Hachimaru: the amount he was owed for winning the battle royale. He then thanks him for helping avenge his parents. He promises that if Hachimaru needs help avenging his family, he will be there even if it costs his life. Ryu asks about the force field holding Benkei, and Sen's subordinate explains that it traps him and nullifies his regeneration.

Sanda then surrenders and pleads for leniency for Ryu. Sen explains that he has been in contact with the Galactic Ball Federation, and that they've sent a fleet and prison ships for everyone. AI jurors will take half an hour to pass judgement on everyone, and Sanda can speak to them, but it won't have much impact. Hearing this, Sanda decides to trust the Federation to judge Ryu fairly, expecting them to go easy on him since Ryu didn't fight any innocent Samurai. With that settled, Sen lands Oniwakamaru on Kenka's surface and undoes the stealth field so the Federation fleet can find them. As the field drops and the fleet arrives, Sen declares that the many illicit acts done on Kenka have been exposed, and the case is now closed.

Fights and Events

  • Benkei is arrested and detained.
  • Hachimaru receives the prize money for winning the battle royale.

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