Chapter 34 is titled "License Download".

Short Summary

After Benkei is handed over to the Galactic Ball Federation Military, Hachimaru learns that he, Ann, Ryu, and Sanda have been drafted to help Sen hunt down a mysterious Samurai with a cat body. Hachimaru begins the process of acquiring a Kongo-Yasha Style License, but in the process is visited by an unexpected character. Meanwhile, Ata and Ikkaku make preparations to go after Hachimaru, unaware that the Samurai Sen is hunting crossed their path.

Long Summary

On Kenka, the Galactic Ball Federation Fleet Sen summoned has begun its work of capturing and detaining all the criminals present, starting with Benkei's sentencing. For using an Angular Warhead, the AI Jurors sentence him to 200 years of jail time followed by permanent monitoring afterwards. Sanda consoles Hachimaru and Ryu by telling them their sentence won't be as harsh. Hachimaru was unaware that he even committed a crime, so Sanda explains that the battle royale wasn't a legally sanctioned event. Sen comes by and informs them that their sentence has been decided: they will do community service by allowing Sen to borrow Yoken and help him with his mission.

Sanda asks about his punishment, only to learn that he will share their in the community service sentence. Hachimaru is happy that Sanda got off easy, but Ann reminds him that they have their own mission to worry about: carrying on Daruma's mission to find the other Keys to Pandora's Box. Sen explains that their missions are partially aligned: his job is to find and capture Hanaichi, also known as the Cat Samurai, and his student who is purported to be one of the Seven Keys, too. With that cleared up, Sen requests that they board Yoken and leave.

On a faraway planet, a Samurai departs his ship, warned by his companion to be quick. Meanwhile at a school on that same planet, a young girl is talking to her mother and teacher about how a star will on die and take them all with it. Her nihilistic speech bothers her mother, who demands that she attend school. The girl counters that school is pointless since everyone will explode and die. Her teacher reminds her that stars are incredibly far away, and that their life spans are much longer than theirs, but is unsure of how to respond to her next question: what would happen if a star exploded that day. She then asks her mother for a spaceship, who can't afford one due to her tuition straining her budget. The teacher sends the child outside so he can speak with her mother alone. Meanwhile, all over the world, people are out enjoying their day. At the same time, the unknown Samurai locates his target, and at the same time, Ata orders Angular Warheads to be launched from his Dragon Holder. Aboard the rouge's ship, his partner is alerted to the Warhead and calls out for Goku to hurry. Goku then grabs the young girl outside her school, but not before she can call for her mother. The woman rushes towards the scream, calling out the girl's name: Ichigo.

However, Goku has already made it to his ship, and warns his partner to be ready to take off. A group of Samurai detect the Warheads, but are too late to respond as the three collides with their target. All three planets are destroyed, but Goku's ships is able to escape the blast radius in time. Onboard, Goku has to tell Ichigo that the explosion she sees is her home planet. The girl begins to cry when she realizes her mother is dead, but is cut off by Goku's partner. She becomes frightened, so he removes his hood and introduces himself as Hanaichi, a Samurai who deemed her important enough to save from annihilation. On Ata's Holder, he orders Ikkaku to send his brothers to gather as many Samurai Souls as they can find among the ruins of the planets. Ikkaku complies, then informs him that Hachimaru is on the move. Niri chastises her partner for going so far to gather Samurai Souls, even f it's appease their master's impatience. Ata counters that he's just doing what she said: being cautious because he's going up against his former master.

As Yoken travels through space, Hachimaru tells Sen about Daruma's plan to give him a Kongo-Yasha License so he could create a map that will lead to the other six Keys. Sen is satisfied at the plan, but not much since Daruma is asleep. Sanda suggest trying to wake him up, but Hachimaru already tried and failed at that. However, Sanda's words trigger a program within Yoken, and it begins speaking. It informs Hachimaru that Daruma gave him authority to begin the download sequence and asking if he wants to start the download now. Hachimaru exposes his Key and confirms, so Yoken manually exposes Daruma's Key and connects the two together.

Hachimaru then enters a digital space, and Yoken begins by reading a preprogrammed message from Daruma about the history of the Kongo-Yasha License. Hachimaru asks to skip the lesson, and asks how to illuminate his surroundings. Yoken reads the next message from Daruma, that information will come into view if he meditates. He complies, and a loading bar anticlimactically appears in front of him. hachimaru gets bored by the bar, until Daruma appears behind him, telling him that the map to the Keys will form when the download is finished. He also shows that he can change the appearance of anything in the digital scape's surroundings by changing his cat form to his human form. He explains that he arranged things so he could be present for the download so he could start teaching him. He goes on to show that once the download reaches three percent, he can convert his abilities into numbers that he can see. Once it gets to that point, he has Hachimaru pull up his numbers and compare their stats. The latter is amazed by his master's stats, then become depressed when he sees how low his stats are in comparison.

Daruma explains that while they are low, he can multiply all his stats by the number listed under his Heroism stat - which represents his bond with Ann. The only one he can't multiply is his Charisma stat, which is at zero. However he even with zero Charisma, he can still master Kongo-Yasha Style: Atmos Fangs, so it isn't a big problem. Daruma then points out that Hachimaru's Gravity stat is twenty times stronger than his, exceeding anything he's ever seen. Their session is interrupted when a light appears in the space. As the fire grows, a voice comes from it, apparently enjoying Hachimaru's progress. As the light transforms into a giant warrior, Daruma recognizes the form as "The Shooting Star". Hachimaru doesn't get it, so Daruma clarifies: the Warrior God Fudo Myo-o has appeared before them.

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