Chapter 35 is titled "Wabi-Sabi".

Short Summary

While Daruma and Hachimaru wait for the Kongo-Yasha License to download to the latter's Key, a program left by Fudo Myo-o to summon him to give them advice. Using the time, he informs them about Kala and his end-goal. He also explains his origin and his role in the creation of the universe. He also leaves vague instructions on how to find the two boxes containing his power.

Long Summary

Fudo-myo-o confirms his identity, and Daruma is still confounded as to how he appear. He suspects a bug, but the War God explains that the digital world and the Kongo-Yasha License are parts of him. Daruma still doesn't understand, so he explains that he made a program that would summon him when someone who could be a key Pandora's and Mandala's Boxes downloaded a License. Knowing that his Key is 100% authentic, Daruma takes it as proof that he is one of the seven Keys.

Fudo-myo-o refuses to confirm or deny this, saying that it isn't an absolute: no such thing exists. Daruma argues that since he appeared, he must be on the right track and he wants to advise them. He confirms this, but does not promise answers to everything they ask. With that in mind, Hachmaru asks to know about Kala and why he wants to destroy everything. He tells the won that Kala was his student, and he wishes to destroy everything and recreate the galaxy in his image. Daruma asks why he wants to do something like that, and Fudo-myo-o tells him that he wants to decide what the rules of the universe are. Kala wants to destroy his creation in order to make creation fit his definition of beauty.

Hachimaru gets hung up on the fact that Fudo-myo-o created everything, even him. He explains that he is indirectly responsible for everything existing, including Kala. Hachimaru asks if he is God, and he tells him that he isn't: he is an information aggregation that came from another universe. Hachimaru doesn't get it, so he goes into detail: He came to the universe when nothing existed but weightless particles. Hachimaru checks out, as the conversation has gone well past his ability to understand. Fudo-Myo-o goes on to explain that he used the H-particles he is made of to disrupt the balance of the particles to create weight. The weight established gravity, which created matter, which formed planets and stars, where life formed. Daruma asks if that is his true form, and he tells them that H-particles are only one aspect of his essence. Hachimaru doesn't understand why he can't feel the H-particles, so Fudo-myo-o explains that the sensation is similar to a fish not knowing it is in water: only experienced Samurai can recognize it. Daruma also realizes that the abilities of Samurai come from this.

Hachimaru ask Fudo-myo-o how old he is, but he tells him that he exists in a state outside of time, and can be perceived as both living and dead. Hachimaru draws the conclusion that he is a perfect deity, but Fudo-myo-o corrects him. Nothing is perfect, even him, but that imperfection creates the forces that bind everything together: that is beauty, and both he and Ann embody it. Recalling words from Yasha, Daruma recognizes his words as Wabi-Sabi, the concept of accepting imperfection. Fudo-myo-o explains that Wabi-Sabi was one of his creations, but Kala believes that only flawlessness is beauty. hachimaru realizes that Kala doesn't understand Wabi-Sabi, then asks why he doesn't stop Kala himself. He explains that releasing his H-particles made hime formless and unable to do so. To stop Kala, he created the programs to create Samurai, then sealed his power away in the two boxes.

Daruma asks where to find the two boxes. Fudo-myo-o tells him that that boxes will only appear when one truly tries to see them. Daruma gets confused, so he gives another hint: every being's consciousness influences the universe around them. Daruma becomes even more confused, but he realizes that Fudo-myo-o is saying that he isn't properly looking for the box. He uses Daruma's state as a man in a cat's body to illustrate the point: if you know all aspects of a person, then you can decide how to perceive that person. It only matters how they look at it. Daruma then gets it: he was looking for the box, but he wasn't seeing it as the box. His failure to fully understand depresses him slightly, which makes Hachimaru doubt himself. Fudo-myo-o corrects him again by telling him that his master's shortcoming could be taken as a sign that the gap between them is not as wide as he thinks. He also tells him that the key to opening the box locked by his own assumptions already exists inside him. A person has to decide what to be and what part of their nature to show to other. Though neither of them fully understand Fudo-myo-o's sayings, they bow in thanks for his advice.

Hachimaru then asks Fudo-myo-o to tell him what is inside Pandora's Box. He tells him that only the one who opens the box gets that information. Disappointed, he begs for a hint, and is told that he already looking at it's contents, but like his master, he isn't looking at it right. Hachimaru asks one last question: if he can figure out the Box's contents even when Daruma is struggling. As he disappears, Fudo-myo-o tells him that it depends on how he sees himself, and that the possibilities for him are as vast as the universe. As he vanishes, his download of the Kongo-Yasha License reaches 100%.

Fights and Events

  • Fudo Myo-o reveals how he created the universe and imbued Samurai with their power.
  • Kala's motives are explained.
  • Hachimaru finishes downloading a Kongo-Yasha Style License.

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