Chapter 36 is titled "Hanaichi and Goku".

Short Summary

Thanks to Fudo Myo-o, Hachimaru's License download completes ahead of schedule. Daruma uses the time to explain how to use the License and the moves of the Kongo-Yasha Style. After waking up, Hachimaru shows his allies the map to the other seven Keys, and finds that someone among them is also a Key to the Boxes. At the same time, Hanaichi uses Ichigo to track the Keys, and arrives to confront the two Keys aboard Yoken.

Long Summary

With Fudo Myo-o disappearing, Hachimaru and Daruma see that the download of the Kongo-Yasha License is complete. Daruma is confounded, since the download should have taken three weeks, and suspects Fudo-Myo-o is the cause. Hachimaru then notices stars lighting up inside the digital area, which Daruma explains has become a digital representation of his consciousness. Hachimaru spots a star larger than any other, which Daruma says contains the data stored in his mind. The smaller stars are shown to represent information about people he has met, including all the memories of his father.

Daruma then moves on to the next function of the inner space and has Hachimaru touch his personal star. As he does, constellations form in the space representing every Kongo-Yasha technique he has now inherited. Hachimaru is awestruck all the moves he has, until Daruma explains that he can't use them until his stats meet the requirements for each one. Hachimaru spots Kongo-Yasha Style: Atmos Fangs, so Daruma has him place his hand over the move's constellation, which makes the required stats appear. He explains that he must train to raise his stats to 900 before being able to use that move, and that he used it earlier because he was linked to the Key of someone with the stats needed. He also warns that if his stats drop after he has mastered it, it will be weak or not work at all.

Hachimaru then points out a stat he hadn't seen before: Stress. Daruma explains that every move deal a measure of damage to the user's key: the stronger the move, the more damage received. While every move has a cost, the Key will recover on its own. Hachimaru then sees an impressive looking move at the top of his skill tree, so he asks about Kongo-Yasha Style: Shooting Star Sword. Daruma reveals it to be a move that only Fudo-Myo-o has every learned. When he pulls up the required stats, he sees that they are all the same unfamiliar symbol, which his master explains is infinity. Only a person with infinite stat values can use it, so it's impossible to master. Daruma then shifts his attention to the bottom of the skill tree, where he find that the only move he has high enough stats for is Kongo-Yasha Style: Blade Bark. Daruma then ends his lesson in moves and has him turn his inner space to map mode. This causes beams of light to branch out from his star to the other six Keys. The two are both shocked to see that there is one other Key aboard Yoken besides Hachimaru.

Meanwhile, Hanaichi and Goku attempt to introduce themselves to Ichigo. She asks them why they saved only her from being destroyed, and Hanaichi tells her that he believes she is capable of becoming the strongest Samurai in the Galaxy. She is confused as to how a girl can be a Samurai, much less a child. He tells her that her true strength is unrivalled, but she still doesn't get it. He points that she not only has an strong gravity for a non-Samurai, but she also has a Mind's Eye despite her youth. He also notes that she is calm despite her loss because she already knew what was going to happen to her planet, but Ichigo counters that despite appearances, she is extremely upset. Hanaichi calmly asks for her aid, and connects to her mind. While initially thrown off by her strong gravity, he finds what he is looking for: coordinates to two of his targets, close enough for them to travel to quickly.

Back on Yoken, Hachimaru wakes up abruptly, spooking Ann. Sanda asks about the download, and he confirms its completion. Hachimaru then exclaims that Ryu is a box Key as well, even though he doesn't seem know whether it himself. Hachimaru then projects the map from his key, which shows him and another Key in the same place. Before he can go further, he spots a third Key nearing them. Outside, Hanaichi's Holder stops in front of Yoken. The Cat Samurai recognizes the ship, so he orders Goku to be on guard as he brings Yoken's occupants to them. Using Ususama Style: Cat Beckoning, he teleports them to his ship, catching Hachimaru and company off while they're talking about the third Key they saw on the map.

Fights and Events

  • Hachimaru finishes downloading a Kongo-Yasha Licence
  • Ryu is revealed to be one of the Seven Keys
  • Ichigo is revealed to have a Mind's Eye
  • Hanaichi is revealed to know Ususama Style techniques.

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