Chapter 5 is titled "Departure".

Short Summary

Daruma takes Hachimaru to begin his training, and explains the importance of a Key Holder. However, he forgets to disable the security measures at their destination, creating trouble for Hachimaru. Daruma decides to use the problem to show Hachimaru how Samurai fight.

Long Summary

In Hachimaru's yard, Daruma is searching for something, while Hachimaru enthusiastically waits for his training to start. Daruma then finds what he was looking for in a secret room: the Ronin's Horse Holder. Mounting the Holder, he pulls the Holder's Handle Bone from it's resting place, impressed that Hachimaru's father knew exactly how to return it. He then stores the Handle Bone in his arm and returns outside, where his student is complaining about having to wait for his master to pack. When Druma returns, he is shocked to see him riding the ronin's Holder. Daruma explains that he will be using it for the time being. Hachimaru gets hyped again, until he sees that Daruma fell asleep again.

On the way to Daruma's training ground, Hachimaru asks why he is using the ronin's Holder. He explains that while he is a Samurai, his Key Holder isn't in his possession. When asked about the significance of a Key Holder, Daruma explains that a Key Holder is a partner, everything a Samurai needs for battle, and a unique symbol each one owns. The two continue on until they reach Daruma's hideout hidden beyond two giant statues. When they near, Hachimaru and Hayataro crash to the ground when one of the statues blocks their path. He calls out for his master, only to find out that he's asleep again. He yells at him for being asleep during an important time, then focuses on the statues, which he realizes are large Holders.

With no other options, Hachimaru decides that - untrained or not - he must be a Samurai and fight. While Hayataro dodges the Holders, Hachimaru tries to cut them, but their exteriors are stronger than anything he's cut before. Distracted by his plight, he fails to notice the fist of one of the holder bearing down on him. Before it connects, a reawakened Daruma intercepts, and uses Kongo-Yasha Style: Blade Bark to push the Holder away.

Hachimaru calls out again when the second Guard Holder attacks, but his master orders him to be quiet and watch. Intending to show him how a Samurai really does battle, he pulls out his Handle Bone and grabs an orb from his stomach, something Hachimaru finds strange. Daruma explains that the orb is a Samurai Soul, a symbol of a Samurai's courage and their true weapon. Using it, he manages to cut the attacking Holder down with on slash. Hachimaru is impressed, but then he sees the remaining Holder fire a volley of missiles at them. Daruma remains unconcerned, deciding to showcase another weapon Samurai can use: firearms. He shapes part of his Holder into a pair of pistols that he uses to destroy the missiles. However, one missile survives and splits up into smaller missiles, so Daruma decides to show off the final skill of a Key Holder. He shapes the Holder into armor for himself and several shields to stop the missiles, which opens him up to finish the Guard Holder with Kongo-Yasha Style: Disc Hunter.

Hachimaru is blown away by the true abilities of a Samurai, and Daruma apologizes for falling asleep before he could shut off the guards. Hachimaru asks when he will be able to perform such feats. Daruma tells him that Hayataro cannot do such things yet as it is still an ordinary Holder, and will stay that way until his Handle Bone is given away. On that note, Daruma creates a Handle Bone that protrudes from his back. As Hachimaru pulls it out, he explains that having the bone means that Hayataro will be his unique Key Holder from now on. Hachimaru gets excited now that he can really start training to become a Samurai.

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