Chapter 7 is titled "Encounter".

Short Summary

Hachimaru continues his training, but his hastiness causes him to botch everything he tries. At the same time, word of Hachimaru's exploits at the Yasha-Style Dojo have drawn the attention of the region's defenders. Now actively searching for him, they enlist his untrained Princess of Fate to track him down. As the fated duo's paths converge, an ominous Samurai elsewhere in the galaxy has located his target and prepares for his hunt to start.

Long Summary

Hearing that fate will lead him to his Princess, Hachimaru asks Daruma to explain fate to him. He says that fate means that he and his Princess' paths will cross without either of them knowing. He then cuts his master off again due to a sudden bout of itchiness. Hachimaru attributes it to Daruma, but he reminds him that his cat body is robotic. He comes to the conclusion that he is allergic to long lectures.

Hachimaru decides that he will consider meeting his Princess if it helps him get stronger. Daruma reminds him: Samurai don't get strong, they try to be strong. Hachimaru realizes that his goal should be to act tough, but Daruma goes deeper. The key is to find someone to act and decide why one will act tough, but his student's itchiness keeps him distracted.

At the Yasha-Style Dojo, the group of samurai who were tracking the cake tank bandits arrive and investigate the wreckage of the tank. One of them studies the tank, impressed that it was cut with an ordinary blade. Another Samurai managed to get the name of the one responsible: Hachimaru. The lead Samurai decides that they need to determine if Hachimaru is an ally or an agent of the Ususama. He decides to go to Akagi Castle and see if Un, his Princess, has any leads.

At the castle, Un is loafing around eating sweets when an aide tells her that Hagamichi, her Samurai partner, is coming. She panics and hastily hides her sweets and has her flower arrangement brought in. As Hagamichi enters, she pretends to have been working on her arrangement, relieved that he didn't see her being a slob. After learning about his situation, she agrees to contact her superior, Princess Sa. Reaching out, she manages to get through, and Sa apologizes for her poor signal, attributed to her being in space. Getting to the point, Un asks about Hachimaru, and Sa tells her that she and Mujin already know about him. Un is shocked that his name has reached their ears. Sa calms her, informing her that he is not an enemy, only a boy who became a Samurai by chance. Sa also informs her about Ann losing her Locker Ball, leaving Un embarrassed that she didn't know about it.

Meanwhile, Ann is in her flower arrangement class, where all of the girls are earning praise from their teacher. However, Ann's arrangement is so over the top and unattractive that she is ordered to start from scratch. As her classmates whisper about her behind her back, Yoku interrupts class, which angers the instructor. Yoku apologizes and states that Un has summoned Ann. On the way there, Yoko warns that she is likely going to be scolded for losing her Locker Ball. Ann, so used to being scolded, isn't very bothered, and Yoku commends her ability to "roll with the punches." Sa explains that Ann's Locker Ball was used to make Hachimaru a Samurai. Despite their lack of training, Ann and Hachimaru have a powerful gravitational pull, meaning they will be drawn to each other soon. Using Ann, they should be able to locate Hachimaru.

Yoku arrives with Ann, but has to be reigned in when she loses her composure over Hagamichi's presence. Between Yoku's fits, Un tells Ann that her Locker Ball has become a Samurai, and Hagamichi wants her help locating him. Agreeing, Hagamichi takes Ann aboard his Holder and they leave to find Hachimaru. Ann senses Hachimaru out and points Hagamichi toward a two o'clock heading. Ann begins stuttering and Hagamichi senses something is bothering her. When he inquires, she asks if he knows what her Samurai is like, and Hagamichi tells her they looking for him so they can find out. Ann wants him to be nice, but her escort warns her that Samurai and Princesses can be evil, but he'll protect her if that's the case.

At the training ground, Hachimaru tries extending his Samurai Soul, but still fails. Daruma asks for information since he can't see, and Hachimaru has to tell him the sword went through his head. He explains that he won't die from a head wound, Samurai wear armor to prevent that from happening. He decides to switch from sword practice to making armor. Daruma warns that trying to move to another lesson before finishing the current one is folly. Hachimaru ignores him, believing his bond with Hayataro means it will go differently. He commands Hayataro to give him armor, but the armor he shapes is so clunky and misshapen that he is completely immobilized. Despite being blind, Daruma can tell he failed.

Before he can say anything, he senses a potential threat approaching. Daruma demands that a landing Hagamichi identify himself. He does so, and Daruma calms down when his AI confirms Hagamichi's identity. As Hagamichi inquires about Hachimaru, Hayataro pulls Hachimaru's armor off, allowing Ann to see her fated partner. Hachimaru identifies himself and asks their names, but Ann's nervousness and her stutter makes her greeting awkward. Daruma warns his student to stop being so hasty: it's a trait that will make everything difficult, including dealing with Princesses. He then realizes that the girl is his Princess of fate.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, a Princess informs her partner that she has managed to perceive the location of the eighth child. She tells Ata it is time for him to bring him in. He asks if his target must be intact, and the Princess tells him that he doesn't need to be.

Fights and Events

  • Hachimaru meets Ann, his Princess of Fate, for the first time.

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