Chapter 9 is titled "Together…".

Short Summary

Hachimaru's training begins to bear fruit, but it's interrupted for a lecture about the powers Princesses wield. Daruma then sends him on an expedition to help him bond with Ann. The two start off rocky, but Hachimaru uses a lie to start changing her perception him. Meanwhile, Ata reaches Hachimaru's homeworld in search of his target.

Long Summary

While in another round of training, Hachimaru manages to properly shape his Samurai Soul, successfully testing it on the remains of Daruma's Guard Holders. He thanks Ann for her help, as he considers her the cause of his improvement. Ann decides to go back to Akagi Castle, but she remembers Un telling her that staying near her Samurai strengthens her abilities. She decides to test her superior's words and plants herself next to Hachimaru, who thinks that she is warming up to him. Unsure how to react, he tries talking to her, but she cuts him off like before. Daruma explains that she is performing one of the responsibilities of a Princess: searching for Locker Balls. Since she is only kneeling motionlessly, Hachimaru still doesn't understand, so Hagamichi explains that she is using the unique ability of Princesses to sense the gravitational pull of Locker Balls. Hachimaru begins to understand, and Daruma is annoyed that his student understood Hagamichi better than him.

Hachimaru begins to understand how important princesses are, so Hagamichi goes on to explain that planets and Samurai fight to acquire more Princesses. Because the number and power levels of a world's Princesses represents that planet's strength, Samurai fight and die over them. It's for that reason that Samurai work so hard to keep their Princesses safe. While everyone speaks, Ann reaches out with her senses to look for Locker Balls. The first thing she notices is her perception of Hachimaru: she perceives him as incredibly bright. She is then awestruck by the multitude of underground Locker Balls she can now sense thanks to being near her Samurai. She then leaves her meditative state and tells everyone she found a Locker Ball nearby. Hagamichi moves to go retrieve it, but Daruma has Hachimaru take Ann to get it instead. Hachimaru doesn't want to leave his training, but his master insists, so he tells him that he's reluctant because Ann does not seem to like him. Daruma warns him that he can't be strong if he ignores his Princess, and that he must protect her whether she likes him or not. His words remind of something similar his father told him, so he agrees to go.

Hachimaru mounts Hayataro and asks Ann to come along, but she rejects him. However, it turns out she wasn't being mean: she is afraid of high speed travel and just wants him to fly slowly. He offers a hand to help her up, but she refuses, being pushy about it to mask her nervousness about mounting Hayataro. Her attempt to assert dominance annoys her partner, so Hachimaru counters by blasting off at full speed. Hagamichi worries the two won't be able to get along, but Daruma thinks they can work it out. However, he believes this only because the alternative is that the galaxy is doomed.

The two reach the site of the Locker Ball, and Ann watches as Hachimaru and Hayataro dig up their prize. On the way back to the training ground, they stop to eat. Hachimaru enjoys trying new food, but Ann interrupts him to ask about his past. She asks if he became a Samurai recently, which he can't deny. She is impressed that he appears to be strong despite his inexperience, and asks if he was always that way. He lacks the heart to tell her how weak he was, so he lies and says that he was a rambunctious but prodigal student. Ann tells him that she lacks talent, but hopes that his strength will help her grow, which makes him feel bad about lying. Ann notices his discomfort, so he deflects by pointing out a nearby snack shop and suggests they take some back with them. After buying snacks, Ann allows Hachimaru to help her mount his Holder, showing that she is warming up to him.

In space, Ata's duplicate nears his target planet. Seeing a satellite orbiting it, he has his AI pull up information it. It confirms that Satellite, Muun, is uninhabited, so he decides to use it to help him leave after he destroys the planet. Ata crashes into Muun, determined to find Hachikaku. As Hachimaru flies back to the training ground, he eats some the snacks, blissfully unaware of the explosion on Muun caused by Ata's impact.

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