Nothing in this world is perfect. Nothing. Everything breaks down. Everything is warped. From that collapsing and warping, weight and gravity are created...the forces that tie all of existence together. And that is beauty. It is the way it is meant to be.
— Fudo-myo-o, Chapter 35

Fudo Myo-o is a Warrior God who possessed Pandora's Box and the Mandala's Box.[1] He once saved the stars using the Pandora's Box.[2]  He is also described as a shooting star capable of granting any wish by Yasha.[3]

Fudo Myo-o created the Samurai System that constitutes the Locker Balls and Licenses.


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Kala was a creation of Fudo Myo-o' that he took on as a student. However, Kala refused to acknowledge the idea that beauty lies in imperfection. As Kala tries to destroy the universe and remake it in his idea of beauty, Fudo-myo-o entrusts the job of stopping him to Samurai, as he can't fight himself.


  • Acala (Sanskrit: अचल "immovable") is a dharmapala primarily revered in Vajrayana Buddhism. He is seen as a protective deity particularly in Shingon traditions of Japan where he is known as Fudō Myō-ō, in Tangmi traditions of China and Taiwan as Búdòng Míngwáng. In later tantric scriptures, the epithet Caṇḍaroṣaṇa became more common, and he is known as such in countries and regions such as Nepal and Tibet.
  • Fudo ( () (どう) Fudō?) means "Immovable" and Myo-o ( (みょう) (おう) Myō-ō?) means "Wisdom King".
  • Acala (The Immovable One) - the Wrathful manifestation of Buddha Mahavairocana is one of the five major Wisdom Kings in Buddhism.
  • The Five Wisdom Kings inhabit the Womb Realm. Fudō Myō-ō is from the center region.
  • Acala is usually depicted with Two Boy ( () (どう) () Ni Dōji?) servants in his attendance:
    • Kiṃkara ( (こん) () () (どう) () Kongara Dōji?)
    • Ceṭaka ( (せい) () () (どう) () Seitaka Dōji?)
  • There is a version where he has Great Eight Boys ( (はち) (だい) (どう) () Hachidai Dōji?) servants:
    • ( (しょう) (じょう) () () Shōjōbiku?)
    • Kiṃkara ( (こん) () () (どう) () Kongara Dōji?)
    • Ceṭaka ( (せい) () () (どう) () Seitaka Dōji?)
    • ( () (こう) (どう) () Ekō Dōji?)
    • ( () () (どう) () Eki Dōji?)
    • Anavatapta ( () (のく) () (どう) () Anokuta Dōji?)
    • ( () (とく) (どう) () Shitoku Dōji?)
    • ( () () () () (どう) () Ukubaga Dōji?)


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