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=== Princess ===
=== Princess ===
* Unnamed Sen's Princess
* [[Kiriku]]

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Gundari School ( (ぐん) () () (りゅう) () Gundari-ryūha?, lit. "Kuṇḍali School") is one of the Four Schools created by Fudo Myo-o. A Samurai can download a license from this school to use their skills and techniques.[1]


Known MembersEdit

Samurai Edit

Princess Edit


  • Kuṇḍali Vidyarāja or Amṛtakuṇḍalin ( (ぐん) () () (みょう) (おう) Gundari Myō-ō?), "The Dispenser of Heavenly Nectar" - Wrathful manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava is one of the five major Wisdom Kings in Buddhism. He is the dispenser of Amrita, the celestial nectar of immortality.
  • The Five Wisdom Kings inhabit the Womb Realm. Kundali is from the south region.


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