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Hagamichi is a Kongo-Yasha School Samurai and Legion Captain of Akagi Castle. He defends Hachimaru's homeworld with his Princess, Un.


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Hagamichi was inspecting the area attacked by the Cake Tank for survivors. A survivor showed up and tried attacking Hagamichi, but he disarmed him by throwing his sheathed katana at him. The survivor tried to use the katana, but due to the bio I.D. reader, he couldn't pull it out. Upon realizing Hagamichi was from the Akagi Castle, he explained that a Cake Tank attacked them.[1]

Later Hagamichi was inspecting the Cake Tank who got cut in two by Hachimaru and then went to Princess Un to see if he can get more info on the boy who did it. After Princess Un contacted Princess Sa, they understood that Hachimaru became a samurai from Ann's Locker Ball.[2] When Ann came, Hagamichi asked her to come with him to search for Hachimaru. As they found out Hachimaru, Hagamichi identified himself and told Daruma he wasn't an enemy and is looking for a boy named Hachimaru.[3]

Hagamichi explained he is no enemy and wanted to recruit Hachimaru, as the boy needs a proper master. The Daruma revealed his identity and that shocked Hagamichi, kneeled and asked to be forgiven for his insolence.[4] He then entered the hideout with the group and ate Ann's strange looking cooking, but he liked it. While Hachimaru was training, Ann decided to train too, but that looked like nothing to Hachimaru, so Hagamichi explained him that it was her mission to find Locker Balls. When she found one, Hagamichi wanted to go, but Daruma suggested that Hachimaru should go with her.[5]

Hagamichi defeated by Ata

While waiting for Hachimaru and Ann's return, Daruma felt strong gravitational pull and Hagamichi believed that was Mujin, as he was the strongest samurai around their region.[6] Soon after Hachimaru and Ann returned, Ata attacked them and Hagamichi quickly protected Ann from the shockwave of his attack. Listening to the situation and understanding who Ata was, Hagamichi quickly equipped his armor and tried to surprise attack Ata, but he was beaten when Ata sent his normal swords to pin him to a wall. Hagamichi was surprised that Ata managed to do that with simple metal blades.[7]

Abilities and Powers


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General Abilities

  • Samurai Gravity: Hagamichi has a limited degree of control over the molecules that form matter and the gravity H-Particles emit. His power to reshape matter and gravity at will allows for the use of generic samurai abilities.
    • Healing Factor: Hagamichi can repair his body from any injury.
    • Holder Control: Hagamichi can reshape the body of his Holder into various forms.
    • Gravitational Pull: Like all samurai, he has a gravity that can inadvertently draw other samurai keys to him. This can also works in reverse, leading him to other samurai.

Samurai Key

  • Key Licenses
    • Kongo-Yasha School

Samurai Soul

Hagamichi has his own Samurai Soul.


Hagamichi has an active Trinity.

  • Key Holder
    • Unnamed Black Wolf Holder - Hagamichi is able to reshape the body of his Key Holder into various forms and summon a Samurai Armor from him.
  • Princess


  • Samurai Soul Blade: A samurai soul can be fused with a Handle Bone from a Holder turning into an energy blade stronger than any metal blade.
    • Hagamichi's Samurai Soul Blade: Using the handle bone and his samurai soul, Hagamichi creates a sword.
  • Katana: Hagamichi carries a standard katana as a secondary weapon.


Using your own Samurai Soul and his Key Holder, Hagamichi is able to create a medical device that can heal wounds.


  • Kongo-Yasha Style
    • Unnamed Gunsmith: Even though Hagamichi is a samurai, he also uses guns in combat. The Kongo-Yasha School technique let him use his Key holder to create a rifle for him.[8]



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  • Ha ( () ?) means "Leaf" or "Blade (of grass)", Ga ( () ?) means "Sprout" and Michi ( (ミチ) ?) means "Road" or "Path".


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