Hanaichi, known as the infamous Cat Samurai, is a Samurai originally of the Ususama School. Assigned by his masters to find the Keys to the boxes of Fudo Myo-o, he competed with the Dog Samurai Daruma in the search. After being abandoned by his school, he dedicated himself to finding the Seven Keys to defeat the Ususama.


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Hanaichi was an Ususama Samurai assigned by Kala to find the Seven Keys to Pandora's Box and Mandala's Box. Because Daruma was searching for the Keys to stop his school, Hanaichi clashed with him over the years while they pursued the same goal, becoming his rival. During the incident when his school sealed Daruma inside his current cat body, Hanaichi was there. Unfortunately, he was caught in the sealing as well, and was trapped in the body of an anthropomorphic dog. Feeling that he served his purpose, Kala discarded him and gave Ata his job in finding the Keys. Betrayed and alone, Hanaichi decided to stand against his former school. He continued his search for the Seven Keys with the goal of opening the box and using the power inside to defeat Kala.


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Abilities and Powers

General Abilities

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  • Hana ( (はな) ?) means "Flower" and Ichi ( (いち) ?) means "One".
  • Hanaichimenme ( (はな) (いち) (もんめ) ?) is children's game in which two groups compete for members by playing Janken (じゃん (けん) rock, paper, scissors game?).
  • A character, similar to Hanaichi, appeared in the video game which was made by Daruma.[2]


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