A Holder (ホルダー Horudā?) is a unique robotic animal that carries a variety of uses and classes ranging from pet, battle unit, or even service robot.

Key Holder

When a Samurai gets the the Handle Bone from a Holder, that Holder becomes the Samurai's Key Holder (キーホルダー Kī Horudā?)[1]. Each Samurai possess a companion Holder that carries the Samurai Armor of the samurai as an outer skin. When the armor is summoned by the samurai, they remain in a skeletal form. Samurai can also ride on top of them for transportation purposes. Samurais can have one Handle Bone in each forearm and can possesses more than a Key Holder from differents ranks.


  • Komusubi ( (こむ) (すび) Komusubi?)
  • Yokozuna ( (よこ) (づな) Yokozuna?)
  • Oyakata ( (おや) (かた) Oyakata?)

Known Holders

Pet Holders

Gatekeep Holders

Key Holders

Holder Classes
Komusubi Class Holders
Unnamed Samurai Komusubi-class Holder vg
Unnamed Komusbi-Class from Video Game
Yokozuna Class Holders
Karuraten holder
Oyakata Class Holders


  • There is five ranks in Japanese Sumo. From the lowest to highest: Maegashira (前頭), Komusubi (小結), Sekiwake (関脇), Ôzeki (大関) and Yokozuna (横綱). There is a chance that Holders can be in this rank too.


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