Ichigo is a young girl with the potential to become a Key to Pandora's Box. After being saved from her planet's destruction, she was taken in by Hanaichi, who sought to mold her into one of the strongest Samurai in the universe.


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Ichigo is a little girl who lived alone on her world with her mother. Despite her youth, Ichigo developed an insanely powerful Mind's Eye, granting her perception of the universe in a way no one around her could understand. Having no filter, she often spoke about what her Mind's Eye revealed, coming off as nihilistic. Her behavior worried her mother and her teachers, the former believing her daughter was in need of treatment.

One day at school, Ichigo began talking about the world being destroyed, earning her a trip to her principal's office and her mom being summoned. While her mother spoke with the principal, Ichigo was sent outside to play. There, she was approached by a hooded stranger who grabs her and takes her to a Holder that speeds offworld once she is aboard. Unfortunately, Ichigo's apocalypse speech was actually a vision of her planet being destroyed, which comes true when an Angular Warhead blows the planet up as she is being flown to safety. Tragically, the ship was close enough for her to see her world exploding, so its owner - Hanaichi - has to explain what she is witnessing. Ichigo is moved to tears as she realizes that her mother has just died.


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Abilities and Powers


  • Mind's Eye: Despite not being a Samurai, Ichigo has attained the Mind's Eye ability, which grants her insight into people and glimpses of the future.[1]



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  • The name Ichigo ( (イチゴ) ?) literally means "Strawberry".


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