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Karuraten, also known as Karura, was the Yokozuna class Key Holder of Mujin. It is a gigantic garuda Holder with a small castle on his back, where Mujin, Princess Sa, and other attending Samurai live.


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Karuraten was in space when Princess Sa spoke with Mujin about Hachimaru for the first time. Later when Ata came for Hachimaru, Mujin intercepted him and came out to fight him. Karuraten assisted him, by giving him the samurai armor. However, Ata managed to defeat every samurai currently on Karuraten, including Mujin. It's currently unknown what happened to Karuraten.[1]

Abilities and Powers

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  • The Karura (迦楼羅) is a divine creature with human torso and birdlike head in Japanese mythology. The name is a transliteration of garuda, a race of enormously gigantic birds in Hinduism, upon which the Japanese Buddhist version is based. The same creature may go by the name of konjichō (金翅鳥, lit. "gold-winged bird", Skr. suparṇa).


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