Makami is a Lion-dog ( (こま) (いぬ) , Komainu, lit. Guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrine) Key Holder owned by Daruma in the past. He was stolen from Daruma by the Ususama School.[1]


Makami takes the appearance of a dog, about the size of a wolf, with a lion like mane. He has a dark ring around his eyes which connects to a circle connected to his jaws. He also has three dots going down his snout.


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Makami was the Key Holder of Daruma and accompanied him on many battles and adventures. However he was stolen by the Ususama School when they attacked Daruma, sealing him in the body of a cat, and killed Daruma’s princess Baku.


Makami’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Abilities and Powers

Though never seen in action, Makami most likely had the same abilities as other Key Holders like shapeshifting, flight, and the ability to form Samurai Armor. As Daruma was a Samurai under the Kongo-Yasha School, Daruma could use Makami’s body to make guns using the special skill of the school.




  • The name Makami ( () () ?) literally means "Evil Bite".
  • Makami's title as a lion dog shows his inspiration as a Komainu, a mythical creature which was a mix of a lion and dog and guards Japanese shrines and temples.


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