You told me yourself. If you do not draw your blade from its will never know how fine it can cut.
— Nanashi, Chapter 41

Nanashi is a Samurai that trained at the Yasha-Style Dojo. Once a reclusive, shut-in gamer afraid of going outside, he was inspired to train seriously after an encounter with his gaming rival, Hachimaru.


Nanashi appears androgynous with a slender frame and dishevelled, long hair - which is light in color, and wears two-game gloves. He has light, feminine eyes, and big frontal teeth. He wears a dark tunic with black patterned seams on both sleeves with three-fourth length, baggy dark pants, and striped-tongue trainers.


Nanashi is an introverted and socially challenged young man. He possesses a fear of going outside, meeting new people. He also considers himself unpopular, especially with girls. Despite these flaws, he dislikes being ignored and has a strong desire to become a Samurai. The only companions he initially listens to and trusts are the AI in his gaming gloves, dubbed Mr. Right and Miss Left respectively. Because of his lack of interaction with others, he suffers from a lack of identity, further exacerbated by his AI's constant arguments over his gender. The only time he considers himself to exist is when he is playing video games.

After meeting Hachimaru in person, Nanashi develops the courage to begin going outside and working towards his dream, eventually accomplishing the goal of becoming a Samurai. He also makes good on his promise to acknowledge Hachimaru as a friend. Out of respect for inspiring him, he dedicated himself to supporting his friend, making having Hachimaru's back his Samurai Calling.


Nanashi is an orphan from the town surrounding Akagi Castle, having lived in the yasha Style Dojo for as long as he could remember. He developed a fear of going outside and had a hard time interacting with others, eventually becoming a shut-in. He developed a desire to become a Samurai, but was unable to overcome his fears and actually train to achieve his dream. He relegated himself to playing a Samurai themed video game, and thanks to his introversion became the second best player on the planet, with Hachimaru being the only one better than him.


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Abilities and Powers


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General Abilities

  • Samurai Gravity: Nanashi has a limited degree of control over the molecules that form matter and the gravity H-Particles emit. His power to reshape matter and gravity at will allows for the use of generic samurai abilities.
    • Healing Factor: Nanashi 's body can repair itself from any injury.
    • Holder Control: Nanashi can reshape the body of his Holder into various forms.
    • Gravitational Pull: Like all samurai, Nanashi has a gravity that can inadvertently draw other samurai keys to him. This can also works in reverse, leading him to other samurai.

Samurai Key

  • Key License
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Samurai Soul

  • Nanashi's Samurai Soul - Nanashi possesses a Samurai Soul for his personal use.
    • Incarnate Creation - Nanashi has the ability to turn his Samurai Soul into a tangible duplicate of himself. Unlike others who use the ability, Nanashi's Incarnate is invisible to most means of detection, making it useful for entering hostile territory stealthily.


  • Key Holder
    • Unnamed Chimera Key Holder
  • Princess
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  • Samurai Soul: Using the handle bone and his own samurai soul to create a sword.
  • Katana: Nanashi carries a standard katana with a Bioreader ID, preventing anyone besides him from unsheathing it.



The two connected over their desire to become samurai and their skill at a samurai fighting game. Nanashi was initially disappointed that the number one ranked player, whom he had often fought against in-game, was a successful individual who had led a seemingly perfect life. However, after Hachimaru revealed his history of disability and confinement, the two became friends. Nanashi later chose not to consider himself Hachimaru's friend until he had developed further as a samurai, and the two parted in good terms. After becoming a Samurai, Nanashi made it his Calling to support his first friend as long as he lives.


  • Before getting a name from Hachimaru, he referred to himself as "nameless" (名無 (なな) し, nanashi), a generic name given to orphans on his world. From that, Hachimaru decided to give him a name "Nanashi".


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