A Princess is an individual with a special power that can protect the stars. Princesses work alongside a Samurai and a Key Holder, forming a Trinity that protects the galaxy.

Individuals who train to be Princesses start out with the rank of Apprentice Princess . The be initiated as an Apprentice Princess, a girl must find a Locker Ball of Fate ( (うん) (めい) のロッカーボール Unmei no Rokkā Bōru?) to use for a series of initiation rites using their Sixth Sense.[1] The Samurai created from their first Locker Ball found will become that girl's Samurai of Fate ( (うん) (めい) (さむらい) Unmei no Samurai?).[2] After their Samurai of Fate is born, a girl officially becomes a Princess.

Though they only have one Samurai of Fate, Princesses can be responsible for the birth of other Samurai too, as part of their duty is finding Locker Balls.[3] Also, a Princess' Samurai of Fate does not have to be a Bushi, and they can be born without undergoing the normal ritual.[4] If a Princess is dissatisfied with her Samurai of Fate, it is possible for her to leave her partner and bond with a different Samurai instead.

All Princesses serving in a castle are submitted to a Head Princess. One responsibility of a Head Princess is to select Bushi who complete training to undergo the ritual to become a Samurai. A Bushi chosen by her is said to have 99% of surviving the ritual seppuku and activating a Locker Ball.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Princess' Sixth Sense ( (ひめ) (ろっ) (かん) Hime no Rokkan?) - Princesses have an unique power that can sense and locate Locker Balls and Samurai by their Gravitational Pull.[6]

Power of Fate ( (うん) (めい) (ちから) Unmei no Chikara?) - When a Princess is near their Samurai of Fate, her sensory powers are amplified.

Princess' Prayer ( (ひめ) (いの) Hime no Inori?) - A Princess' ability to empower her Samurai partner. By praying, a Princess can multiply a Samurai's traits(e.g. strength, defense, charisma) several times over. Such prayers also purify a Samurai Soul, which multiplies its cutting power.[7] The effectiveness of a prayer is tied to the bond between Samurai and Princess: the stronger the bond, the greater the power boost.

It is for these gifts that many planets fight among themselves to acquire more Princesses and increase their number of Samurai. In battle, a common tactic is to kill a Princess as quickly as possible, as their death will cut their Samurai's power in half.[8] As such, Samurai diligently guard their Princesses against danger.

Known Princesses



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