The Ronin (real name unknown) was a former samurai who was killed by Hachimaru after the latter became a samurai.[1]


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The Ronin was extremely manipulative and lacked a sense of morality and honesty. He was willing to kill his own underlings and even children to get what he wanted. He also had a tendency to be sarcastic and had a habit of taunting and underestimating his opponents.


The Ronin used to be a samurai, until he decided to leave his honorable ways behind and became a criminal. He made a group of Bushi and manipulated their dreams of becoming full blown Samurai to have them do whatever they want.


The Ronin made a deal with Furuta for a Locker Ball in exchange for 200 million yen. After getting a Locker Ball, he confronted one of his underlings about him not getting the money he was ordered to take. The Ronin forced him to commit seppuku in the hopes it would turn him into a Samurai, but he wasn't strong enough and died.

After Furuta arrived, they exchanged goods and Ronin explained to him the difference between Bushi and Samurai. During the exchange, he noticed the lion dog necklace that Furuta had. Realizing this could lead him to the Bloodsucker Sword, Dojikiri Takatsuna, he attacked Furuta, held him hostage, and broke into his house. He fought Daruma and, realizing he was outmatched, used his Key Holder to reveal he had captured Furuta. When Daruma tried to attack, Ronin used his Key Holder to blast him through the chest and stomped Hayataro in half. He mocked Hachimaru when he tried to attack him and, after revealing to him that the samurai soul of Dojikiri Takatsuna was stored inside him, forced him to commit seppuku to unlock the samurai soul.

Hachimaru and Ronin clash

Ronin clashes with Hachimaru.

When Hachimaru passed out from the experience, he assumed he was dead. Ronin expressed that he genuinely hoped that their was a chance that Hachimaru wouldn't be like others and that he was disappointed. He ripped out the samurai soul and used his own bone to activate the blade. He then tested it out by destroying Hachimaru's life support system and expressed how the blade could sell for billions on the black market. But, after Hachimaru became a samurai, he turned back to kill the boy. After a brief fight, he was eventually sliced and died, becoming a Locker Ball. Later, his horse Key Holder was claimed by Daruma.

Abilities and Powers

Ronin had basic abilities of Samurai, he used a key holder as a mount and armor and had his own Samurai soul. However he usually fell back on dirty tricks, like using hostages or sneak attacks.

General Abilities

  • Samurai Gravity: Ronin has a limited degree of control over the molecules that form matter and the gravity H-Particles emit. His power to reshape matter and gravity at will allows for the use of generic samurai abilities.
    • Healing Factor: Ronin's body can repair itself from any injury.
    • Holder Control: Ronin can reshape the body of his Holder into various forms.
    • Gravitational Pull: Like all samurai, Ronin has a gravity that can inadvertently draw other samurai keys to him. This can also works in reverse, leading him to other samurai.


  • Samurai Soul Blade:: Though he can active your own Samurai Soul Blade, he showed the Dojikiri Takatsuna.
  • Katana: Ronin carries two standards katana as a secondary weapon.



He treated his underlings like dirt, and was willing to kill them because of the slightest mishap.


He showed a blatant disrespect for Furuta and even went out of his way to emotionally harm him just for the fun of it.


He seemingly had a respect of Daruma in the past. However, after seeing the state that he was in, any former respect he used to have was gone and he treated him like any other person.


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