Ryu is a Samurai and thief working together with Kotsuga. An amnesiac with no knowledge of who he was before, he dutifully follows his partner in his life of theft and defends him when that life brings trouble.


Ryu is a tall, slender man with black hair and eyes. He wears a chest plate connected to a ring around his neck above a black shirt. He wears fingerless gloves, white pants, and black boots, with a sword at his hip.


Ryu is an amnesiac who does not even recall his own name. His amnesia is bad enough that he struggles to remember people he met a few hours before. However, this doesn’t seem to have affected his fighting ability, as it seems like second nature to him. He also lacks any sense of subtlety, evidenced by his failure to understand any of his partner's attempts at deception. As noted by Kotsuga, he also interprets all statements and instructions literally, a trait that proves confusing to those who don't know him and annoying those that do. He is completely incapable of understanding metaphors, and will follow any orders given to the letter, even if doing so makes no sense. The literal thought process is great enough that he will include his partner in a kill order unless specifically told to exclude him.


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Abilities and Powers

General Abilities

  • Katana Skills: Ryu is an adept swordsman, skilled enough to fend off a seasoned legend like Daruma while also protecting his partner.
  • Samurai Gravity: Due to being a samurai, Ryu has a limited degree of control over the molecules that form matter and the gravity H-Particles emit. When applied, he can reshape matter and gravity at will. This allows for most the use of generic samurai abilities.
    • Healing Factor: Ryu can regenerate from any injury regardless of severity. As with all samurai, Ryu's healing will fail if his will to win ever wavers in battle, allowing him to die.
    • Gravitational Pull: Ryu has a gravity as all Samurai do, but the strength of his has yet to be determined.

Key Licenses

  • Gundari School: Ryu has a Gundari School license, giving him access to their skills and techniques.



  • Samurai Soul Blade: Unlike most Samurai, Ryu possesses two Samurai Souls instead of the normal one. While he can use one Samurai Soul, he can also summon his second Soul to form two blades or merge them into one sword. He can also mold his Souls into various constructs such as scythes and drills.
  • Katana: Ryu carries an standard katana as a secondary weapon.



After being found with amnesia, Kotsuga took Ryu in as a partner-in-crime. Because Ryu is almost completely incapable of independent thought, he is content to follow Kotsuga's orders to the letter. However, his literal interpretation of everything gives his partner no end of grief.


  • Ryu ( (りゅう) Ryū?) means "Dragon (esp. a Chinese dragon)".


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