Sa was a clairvoyant Princess. Her Samurai of Fate is Mujin,the defender of Hachimaru's homeworld.


Princess Sa was an elderly woman.


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Princess Sa was travelling when she started to laugh, remembering her first meeting with Mujin. As Mujin asked her why she thought of that now, she explained that a new samurai was born from the dregs of the bottom, like Mujin, and that it was from a princess that lost her Locker Ball.[1]

Sa stabbed by Ata.

Princess Sa was contacted by Princess Un, to ask about Hachimaru, to which Sa explained she was just talking about him with Mujin and that they don't need to worry, as Hachimaru wasn't from rival school.[2]

When Ata came for Hachimaru, Mujin - the protector of that planet - went to fight him. The aftermath of that battle was devastating for them" every Samurai was slain and Sa was seen floating in space, run through with a sword.[3]

Abilities and Powers

  • Sixth Sense: Sa has the unique power to sense and locate Locker Balls and Samurai using their Gravitational Pull.
  • Prayer: Sa possesses the ability to empower her Samurai of Fate. By praying, she can boost her Samurai's speed and, strength, and the power of their Samurai Soul.
  • Clairvoyance: Sa also has the power of Clairvoyance. She often uses this gift to spy on others..[4]



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