Takatsuna is a famous Samurai known for his Samurai Soul Blade that Ronin was looking for a long time.[1]


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After your death, his Samurai Soul comes in possession of Ususama School.[2]


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Abilities and Powers


  • Samurai Soul Blade - Takatsuna possesses a samurai soul , an orb of energy that - when fused with a Handle Bone from a Holder - can turn into an energy blade stronger than any metal blade. His Samurai Soul is a famous blade knows as ​Bloodsucker ( () (すい) , Chisui?)​.


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  • The inspiration of Takatsuna is a mix of some japanese lore. Your name comes from Sasaki Takatsuna ( () () () (たか) (つな) ?)(1160 – December 8, 1214), a Japanese samurai commander in the Genpei War, the great conflict between the Minamoto and Taira clans and from Watanabe no Tsuna ( (わた) (なべ) (つな) ?) (953–1025), a Japanese samurai, a retainer of Minamoto no Yorimitsu (also known as Raikō), one of the earliest samurai to be famed for his military exploits. The name of the Samurai Soul Blade comes from Dōjigiri Yasutsuna ( (どう) () (きり) (たか) (つな) ?) that legends say Minamoto no Yorimitsu(Watanabe no Tsuna's leader) knows as Raikō too, killed the monster Shuten-dōji with this sword, as Yasatsuna being the bladesmith that forged it. Shuten-dõji is an Oni like the Benkei race.
  • The warriors in their oi (portable chests; "pannier" according to Reider) conceal their armors and swords, many of which have proper names. Raikō's chest contained the sword Chisui (ちすゐ, assumed to be "血吸", thus "Bloodsucker"), vermilion armor (hiodoshi) called randen gusari (らんでん鎖, Randen Chain), and a vermilion helmet called Shishiō ("Lion King" or "Lion Lord".) Hōshō's contained a two-foot halberd (ko-naginata) called Iwakiri (Cutting Rock or Stonecutter). Tsuna had a sword named Onikiri (Cutting Demon or Demon Slasher) and yellow-green set of armor and helmet. A real existing sword named Dōjigiri, which is one of the Five Best Swords under Heaven and designated national treasure of Japan, is associated with the tradition of being the sword that killed Shuten-dōji.


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