This is a timeline of the Samurai Eight: Hachimaruden manga story. It is an unofficial document, but all information on it is taken from official canon sources. All events that could be dated, or could not be dated but could be placed at some point in the timeline because of their connection to other events, have been incorporated to the fullest possible extent. Note that this timeline is not completely accurate, and some events have an estimated date or a date range in which they could have occurred.

Year 0 = Start of the Serie (SS)

Years before SS

  • Star, Planets, Galaxies and Life was born
  • Kala becames Fudo Myo-o's student
  • Kala leaves Fudo Myo-o side
  • Kala found his own School, the Ususama School and becames his First Head
  • Yasha was born
  • Yasha becomes a Samurai
  • Yasha becames the First Head of Kongo-Yasha School

Aprox. 100 years before SS

  • Sa becomes a Princess
  • Mujin becomes a Samurai
  • Baku becomes a Princess
  • Daruma becomes a Samurai
  • Makami was born
  • Hanaichi becomes a Samurai

Aprox. 50 to 100 years before SS

  • Yasha becomes Daruma's Master
  • Daruma downloads the Kongo-Yasha Style License
  • Kala becomes Hanaichi's Master
  • Hanaichi downloads the Ususama School License
  • Hanna becomes a Princess
  • Ata becomes a Samurai
  • Daruma becomes Ata's Master
  • Ata downloads the Kongo-Yasha Style License

Aprox. 50 years before SS

  • Ata betrays Kongo-Yasha School and join the Ususuma School
  • Hanaichi develops a trap to catch Daruma
  • Daruma was caught in the trap and have his Key Holder Makami stolen, your Princess Baku murdered and your body traped in a cat form
  • Hanaichi was caught in the trap too and your body is trapped in a dog form
  • Ata becomes becoming Kala's right hand and Hanaichi leaves the Ususama School
  • Daruma learn the Mind's Eye
  • Daruma download a Full Master License of Kongo-Yasha School and becames the Second Head.
  • Daruma departure in a mission with with your Ship Holder Yoken to find the Pandora's Box and the Seven Keys to open it

Unknow Year before SS

  • Daruma finds the First child that can be a Key Box
  • Daruma finds the Second child that can be a Key Box
  • Daruma finds the Third child that can be a Key Box
  • Daruma finds the Fourth child that can be a Key Box
  • Daruma finds the Fifth child that can be a Key Box
  • Daruma finds the Sixth child that can be a Key Box
  • Daruma finds the Seventh child that can be a Key Box
  • Ususuma School starts a project to create Seven Artificial Key Box to open both Mandala's Box and Panodra's Box

Aprox. between 15 and 20 years before SS

Aprox. 15 years before SS

  • Ikkaku, Nikaku, Nanakaku, Hachikaku and other four boys was born from the Spare Key Project
  • Furuta betrays the Ususuma School and depart with Hachikaku, renaming him Hachimaru and the Takatsuna's Samurai Soul to a unknown planet on the Galactic Ball Region
  • Benkei becomes Yoshitsune disciple

8 years before SS

  • Nanashi close yourself in the dormitory

Aprox. between 5 or 7 years before SS

  • Ann's mother dies
  • Ann's adoptive brother dies
  • Ann's starts to train to become a Princess
  • Sanda takes the Samurai Ritual
  • Benkei sabotages the result
  • Yoshitsune try to kill Sanda to him becomes a Samurai, but his mother protect him and Benkei take a opportunity to kill Sanda's Mother
  • Sanda's Mother dies
  • Yoshitsune dies
  • Benkei take care of Sanda and stole Yoshitsune Samurai Soul and his Ship Key Holder Oniwakamaru
  • Sanda changes his name to Kotsuga

1 month before SS

  • Kotsuga finds a amnesiac Samurai called Ryu on unknow planet

Year 0

Chapter 1

  • Hachimaru and his Pet Holder Hayataro are introduced
  • Hayataro finds Daruma in a sleep mode
  • Furuta tries to buy a Locker Ball from a Unnamed Ronin to construct a mobile device to Hachimaru
  • Hachimaru becames a Samurai
  • Hachimaru fights Ronin
  • Ronin dies

Chapter 2

  • Hachimaru knows Nanashi

Chapter 3

  • Hachimaru and Nanashi work together to stop a enemy attacking the castle

Chapter 4

  • Daruma becames Hachimaru's Master
  • Hachimaru knows Ann
  • Niri find the Hachikaku's Location after him becomes a Samurai
  • Ata use one of the his Samurai Souls to conjure a body to go to the Hachikaku's location
  • Ata arrives in the Moon
  • Garuda's ship Samurai dies
  • Princess Sa dies
  • Mujin dies
  • Ata find Hachikaku
  • Incarnated Ata is defeated
  • Furuta dies
  • Hachimaru', Hayataro, Daruma and Ann leaves the the planet to find the other Key Box

Chapter 17

  • They arrives on the Shaft Station to gather suplies to travel
  • Kotsuga and Ryu invades the Yoken
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