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Un is a Princess at the Akagi Castle. Her Samurai of Fate is Hagamichi.


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Un was in her room at Akagi Castle, eating casually ohagi, when she received a message that Hagamichi was coming. She panicked fearing that she would be caught eating sloppily, but managed to hide the sweets. As Hagamichi explained the situation about a boy named Hachimaru, she contacted Princess Sa, to see if she had more info. Un was surprised that Princess Sa and Mujin were discussing the same boy and that he became a Samurai by chance from Ann's Locker Ball. She then asked to bring Ann to them, where she sent her to find Hachimaru with Hagamichi.[1]

After learning of the death of Mujin and Sa, the duo in charge of defending the planet, Un was thrown off when Ann informed her of her intent to leave the planet with her Samurai. Un was initially skeptical of the idea, but she chose to support her subordinate's decision, reminding her to cherish her partner.

Abilities and Powers

  • Sixth Sense: Un has the unique power to sense and locate Locker Balls and Samurai using their Gravitational Pull.
  • Prayer: Un is able to empower her Samurai of Fate through prayer. By praying, she can boost her Samurai's speed and, strength, and the power of their Samurai Soul.



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