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    This is a copy/paste of a recent Discussions post created by Samurai 8 wiki admin Conrads99. An admin who just recently had his rights stripped from him as a show of power. Even though he was following a community consensus.

    "Hey, Samurai 8 wikia. Me and a few other users recently decided to create this thread to propose the demotion of Meshack from all sysop postions. Firstly, I'd like to talk about his toxic behavior in both the past and present. He's held a multitude of blocks/bans on several wikias for reasons such as "intimidating behavior, harassment, removal of content, sock puppetry and refusal to follow rules." Some of these such wikias are:

    Tokyo Ghoul Wiki

    Dragon Universe Wiki

    Dragon Ball Wiki

    His behavior has not changed and is prom…

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