Ususama School ( () () () () (りゅう) () Ususama-ryūha?, lit. "Ucchusma​ School") is the school created by Kala.[1] It is unknown how you acquire a license at this school.

The main goal of the school is to open Mandala's Box and Pandora's Box, destroy the other Four Schools, and become gods that rival Fudo Myo-o.

Known Current Members



Known Former Members



Techniques and Skills

Ususama Style ( () () () () (りゅう) Ususama-ryū?, lit. "Ucchusma​ Style").

  • Unkown Technique: Ata begins to invoke a Ususama Style technique but stops midway.[2]
  • Cat Beckoning ( (ねこ) (まね) Neko-Maneki?): The user takes their Samurai Soul in their hand and summons their target to their location.[3]

Combined with other Style.


  • Ucchusma ( () () () () (みょう) (おう) Ususama Myō-ō?) is a Wisdom King. In Japan, Ucchuṣma is venerated in several schools of Buddhism, including Tendai, Shingon, TendaiZen, and Nichiren. He is recognized as a guardian of the bathroom, where his effigy is often present. He is known to the general public for his powers of purification of the unclean, in particular in respect to sexual diseases. Ucchuṣma was also thought to be able to change a female fetus into a male one.


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