Yoken is a Yokozuna Class Holder owned by Daruma. It serves as his spacefaring vessel.


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Abilities and Powers

  • Shapeshifting: Like all Key Holders, Yoken is able to shapeshift into various forms.
    • Flight: Like many Key Holders, Yoken can fly through space by manifesting boosters out of the rear of its shell.
    • Battle Mode: Using the ability to create Samurai Armor, Daruma can turn Yoken into a massive robot warrior with size and power on par with Oniwakamaru, one of the strongest Holders in the galaxy.
    • Kongo-Yasha Style ( (こん) (ごう) () (しゃ) (りゅう) Kongōyasha-ryū?, lit. "Vajrayaksa​ Style"): In conjunction with Daruma, Yoken can use the Kongo-Yasha Style.
      • Shooting Fangs ( (りゅう) (せい) () Ryūsei Ga?, lit. Meteor Fang): An attack in which the user delivers two heavy uppercut slashes to the opponent.[1]
      • Wood Wrecker ( () () () () Kitsutsuki?, きつつき means "woodpecker", but the kanjis have other meanings): The samurai shapeshifts their connected Key Holder into a multitude of blades that pierce the opponent.[2]



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  • Yoken (洋犬) means foreign (Western) breed of dog.


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