Yoku is an apprentice Princess at the Akagi Castle.


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Yoku was scolding Ann for losing her Locker Ball and that she will get more than a scolding from Princess Un. She then started imagining how awful will be if her samurai turns out a freak, evil guy, old man or nerd. But Ann assured her it will be fine.[1]

After Princess Un learned about Hachimaru and Ann loosing her Locker Ball, she send out Yoku to bring Ann. On their way to Un, Yoku guessed that they may have found her Locker Ball and that Ann may be getting a scolding. Upon entering the room with Un, Yoku saw Hagamichi and couldn't control herself and yelled how handsome he was, only to be scolded by Un to behave better. Yoku then told Ann that it would be awesome if her samurai turns out as handsome as Hagamichi and that she finds Hagamichi and Un as the perfect samurai and princess. A moment later Un told Ann that her Locker Ball made a boy a samurai, Yoku freaked out, only to be scolded by Un again. As Hagamichi wanted Ann to come with him to search for the boy, Yoku felt jealous and that Ann was lucky to go with him.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Yoku show no abilities and powers yet, but likely other princess she will has the unique power to sense and locate Locker Balls and Samurai using their Gravitational Pull.



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